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Domains of Expertise

We are a team of highly experienced subject matter experts in fixed-income, mortgages, and capital markets with hands-on and supervisory experience at many large financial Institutions.

Our deep knowledge & market execution experience for quick validation of Strategies Products Processes

Our expertise and market experience with financial products, pricing and valuation, risk-management, models, and systems, enables us to provide direct and pertinent advice to solve Client issues related to:

We provide frameworks and solutions that are tangible, durable, and efficient.

Our Advisory process: Taking client goals as the start we, research and analyze, write white papers, show road-map of alternatives, build prototype models/solutions, and implement full-solutions.

Examples of products, programs, and solutions our Leads have developed to address market, business, regulatory, and efficiency issues previously:

  • ALM & Tail-risk management frameworks based on Scenarios or Monte-Carlo Simulation

May 2020 - Our partnership with Cirruslabs for PPP loan forgiveness automation for lenders and borrowers
     FIRM Advisors and Cirruslabs have partnered to create "PAYFOR", an AI driven
     technology solution, allowing banks and credit unions t efficiently verify and
     validate PPP loan forgiveness submissions by their borrowers.
Jan 2020 - Our partnership with CC Pace for LIBOR Transition
     FIRM Advisors and CC Pace have partnered to create a LIBOR Transition and
     Transformation Program for their clients for identifying issues and execution
     gaps, improving operations, conducting complex data analysis, validating
     models, advising on valuation, product pricing and hedging, and resolving
     governance issues.
      CC Pace:  CC Pace is a leading provider of Financial Services consulting services.
      Founded in 1980, CC Pace is nationally recognized for solving business problems and
      delivering high-impact results that improve their clients’ productivity and
Dec 2019 -- Our partnership with Pendo Systems

     FIRM Advisors and Pendo Systems have created a strategic partnership to
     provide integrated capital markets and operational expertise with innovative
     technology solutions for rapidly assessing and remediating financial and
     legal document exposures and risks related to the LIBOR Transition.
      Pendo Systems:  State-of-the-art machine learning platform fueling the 4th Industrial
      revolution by "reading, indexing, re-papering" unstructured documents, agreements,
      contracts, and instruments and converting directly in the systems-of-record at machine
      scale and speed, for more than 3 years.
June 2018 -- FIRM Advisors' join Mortgage Bankers Association to Teach SOMB Classes
     FIRM Advisors teach the Mortgage Bankers Association's "School of Mortgage
     Banking" classes that result in professional certifications by the MBA. 
1.  January 16, 2020
Free Webinar -- "LIBOR to SOFR:  Does Your Plan Measure up?"
Will discuss impacts on Business, Operations, Financials, Systems, and Legal + Ancillary" resulting from the LIBOR sunset and transition to SOFR" 
2.  White paper on LIBOR Transition: Awareness, Assessment, Strategy, Implementation, Transformation, Support
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1934 Old Gallows Road,

Suite 350, Tysons Corner

Virginia 22182




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