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Our Advisory Process: Discovery to Proof-of-Concept Solutions, and beyond

A working prototype solution enhances Clients comfort with the Advisory and building processes; Our goal is to show clients a proof-of-concept that solves their specific issue, after our discovery process.

Examples of preliminary proofs-of-concept we could provide:

  • If a Client is restricted from participating in certain market products due to their systems, models, or other reasons, we can help with financial engineering plus a working prototype that shows how to synthetically replicate performance of such an Asset, Liability, or Hedge instrument.

  • If a Client's goal is to reduce unwinding hedges attached to specific assets or liabilities (to reduce bid-offer and transactions costs), we can show a proof-of-concept solution of reassigning those hedge internally, assuming there are other unhedged instruments available.

Our Advisory process: Proof-of-Concept is a Critical part of our Service

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