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Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence, and Reporting Solutions

The importance of top-grade reporting content cannot be overstated, including metrics and key-indicators of performance and risk risk-mitigation.  
Our lead consultants offer their professional and executive perspectives to help design efficient MIS, BI tools, and high-impact reporting capabilities that will facilitate more informed decision making.
  • We enhance reporting design and functionality knowing complexities of reporting requirements and the need for controlled & flexible functionality.
  • ​We provide automation of our design solutions to for large data conversion and validation, and management of privacy & disclosure issues.
  • We have substantial experience with Bloomberg, Tradeweb, and several Treasury & Quantitative Risk-management models and software systems.
  • We have unparalleled knowledge and experience with Blackrock's ANSER modeling system, and Aladdin system for data entry, models, portfolio analysis, and reporting.  We can integrate Blacrock's data processing and reporting systems with client systems. 
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