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Our Advisory process

Our Nimble & Agile Approach

We are different from most Consulting firms; those who primarily implement technology systems and those big Advisory firms who tell Clients "what-to-do."

Our Value proposition: Examples of Solutions to Client Issues

Our value is our extensive experience and genuine subject matter expertise in the financial industry, that enables us to provide direct and pertinent expert advice and cost effective solutions to client issues.

  • We solve issues created by markets, regulations, competitive and strategic forces, and internal processes 

  • We improve business processes, using our deep knowledge of markets, products, concepts, and ecosystems (frameworks, models, metrics, ecosystems)

  • We enhance financial engineering capabilities, management information infrastructure, business intelligence tools, and reporting systems.

  • We validate and benchmark client models, and help refine client pricing & valuation frameworks

  • We skillfully identify third-party models and systems that will best meet client needs; we assist in the RFP for selection, and full implementation.

  • We supplement product, market, and business knowledge of several internal business partners of front-end functions for superior quality assurance.

    • Internal Audit: We offer expert subject matter advice, as needed.

    • Technology Teams: We expertly detail project requirements for technology development teams for faster and accurate implementation and UAT, 

    • Middle and Back Offices: We provide education services to bridge knowledge gaps related to front-end functions, products, and markets

    • Quality Assurance: We act as agents of management to provide quality assurance of artifacts and deliveries of other awarded contractors

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