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Domains of Expertise

We are a team of highly experienced subject matter experts in capital markets, banking, and mortgages, with hands-on and supervisory experience at many financial Institutions.

Our deep knowledge & market execution experience for quick validation of Strategies Products Processes

Our expertise and market experience with financial products, pricing and valuation, risk-management, models, and systems, enables us to provide direct and pertinent advice to solve Client issues related to:

We provide frameworks and solutions that are tangible, durable, and efficient.

Our Advisory process: Taking client goals as the start we, research and analyze, write white papers, show road-map of alternatives, build prototype models/solutions, and implement full-solutions.

Examples of products, programs, and solutions our Leads have developed to address market, business, regulatory, and efficiency issues previously:

  • ALM & Tail-risk management frameworks based on Scenarios or Monte-Carlo Simulation

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