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FIRM's Executive Advisors

Nazir Dossani

Dr. Dossani worked for over twenty years with Government Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie and Freddie), starting as Director for Pricing and Portfolio Analysis at Fannie Mae and, before retiring was Senior Vice President of Investments and Capital Markets at Freddie Mac where he was responsible for managing interest rate risk and allocating capital for an over $600 billion mortgage portfolio. Prior to that he was a consultant in the field of applied economics and finance. He has conducted numerous public policy analyses in the fields of energy, environment, transportation and public investment.

Dr. Dossani has a BA (Economics Honors) from the University of Calcutta, an MBA (Finance) from the Wharton School and a Ph. D. (Regional Science) from the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University where he teaches courses in Investments, Portfolio Management and Fixed Income Markets.

Sanjay Vatsa

Mr. Vatsa is a senior C level executive and leader with extensive global and domestic experience in top tier banks, asset management & servicing service providers, software services as well as consulting firms. 

Mr. Vatsa is a thought leader who applies “out of the box”  thinking; designs and innovates solutions to solve complex business issues. He has helped business thrive in an environment where “Disruption is the new norm” and applied an “incremental approach” principle in building sustainable models & capabilities. He effectively leverages talent and technologies, resulting in enhanced client experience & optimized business models making them “Competitive, Better, Faster and Cheaper”.  A strategic thinker who solves difficult problems, converts ideas into results by building consensus & aligning global teams to  objectives.

At Citi, Mr. Vatsa was Managing Director and Head of BPR, COE & Operations Strategy at Securities & Fund Services; and at Global Wealth Management.  Prior to Citi, he was the Managing Director at BlackRock - Head of Strategy, Offshoring and Relationship Management.  At Polaris he was Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer & Global Practice Head – Digital & Data.  In addition, he has held senior leadership positions at Merrill Lynch, State Street, M&T Bank, and was one of the pioneers at CAPCO.

Mr. Vatsa's experience spans various functions and locations - building & implementing disruptive strategies, designing and executing transformation initiatives, building shared utilities, acquisition & de-conversion; interpreting & implementing regulatory change, big data design, initiatives & governance; and establishing risk and control framework. He has led various global change team focused on transformation, lean, EPMO, UAT; and managing global operations teams across locations. ​

Business & Technology
Executive Consultants

We have several Executive Consultants for Business and Technology to meet needs of our clients, professionally and on time. We also have alliances with model development and technology implementation firms.

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